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Live the italian culture in Sardinia: the best way to learn the italian language; besides, an unforgettable holiday by the sea!

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Upon reservation, students can start any course at the beginning of every week.





                           Italian language courses are available in 6 levels, according to the Common European Framework classification:

elementary I = A1
elementary II = A2

intermediate I = B1
intermediate II = B2

advanced I = C1
advanced II = C2

Before the course, the student deals with a test and takes (at discretion of the school) the most suitable level.

The ELEMENTARY level develops basic communication skills, enough to manage fairly well in the most usual situation of every-day life in Italy. Grammar is reduced at the bare minimum for building simple sentences, whereas great importance is given to phonetics.

The INTERMEDIATE level aims to expand the vocabulary, improve the knowledge of the sintax and stimulate the development of interaction abilities. Grammar structures become more complex, with the introduction of new tenses (for example, the conditional), indispensable to cover different comunicative situations.

The ADVANCED level entails a great improvement, both in written and in oral italian, in sintax and in vocabulary, improving language skills (in particolar, the use of the conjunctive), enriching the vocabulary (also thanks to the analysis of different comunicative instruments, like books and newspapers), making students get finally used to “think in italian”.



The number of hours indicated on this page to the group courses is to normal, but it could be reduced if a particular group has fewer than 3 students at the same level, to compensate for greater and more personalized care that each student receives from the teacher





STANDARD COURSE of italian language

The standard italian language course is conceived for an optimal balance between the number of hours passed in language class and the time spent in other courses or activities. Lessons take place every day in class, from Monday to Friday, for a total of 20 hours per week.


EXTENSIVE COURSE of italian language

This course is thought for people busy with other didactic o recreational activities, interested in an estensive approach, with longer regeneration times between lessons. The extensive italian course enables them to exploit class times and to have more free time, also for visiting other places. Lessons take place three days a week in class, for a total of 12 hours per week.


INTENSIVE COURSE of italian language

It's conceived for those students who want to maximize the learning of the italian language and exploit the time of their stay. Lessons take place every day, from Monday to Friday: a class course for a total of 20 hours per week and personalized assistance in one daily hour of individual tution face to face with the teacher for a total of 5 hours per week.


INDIVIDUAL LESSONS of italian language

The lesson is fully personalized, according to the specific needs of the student. Each lesson lasts 60 minutes and the assistance of the teacher is at exclusive disposal of the student. Lessons are normally available, upon reservation, at any time.

Online tuitions available!


INDIVIDUAL LESSONS of specific italian language

They are thought for people who, often according the professional activity, want to concentrate their efforts to know quickly the specific tecnical terminology of their working environment (economic, legal, administrative, etc.). Each lesson lasts 60 minutes and the assistance of the teacher is at exclusive disposal of the student. Lessons are normally available, upon reservation, at any time





The courses available at present are: Italian Cookery Course (a nice view on the italian national and sardinian cuisine, with tasting of the food prepared during the lesson), Sailing. The student can take group courses as well as individual courses.

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